Take resident experience to new heights

Your residents need you more than ever. Be there 24/7, by introducing our automation first strategy.

Answer 80%+ of customer inquiries instantly, with Futr’s AI-Powered housing chatbot.

Reach your digital self serve goals today.

Book a repair
Noisy neighbour
Shared Ownership
Key Worker
Pay rent
What’s my rent balance?
Right to acquire
I need help
I need a property

Don’t leave your residents hanging

Residents can be demanding, but who can blame them. We all want instant answers to questions.

The good news is that 80% of resident queries relate to just a handful of problems.

No need to extend support times or hire more agents. Let residents self-serve, day or night.
Hey there 👋 , I’m House your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Pay rent
Book a repair
Report anti-social behaviour
What is my rent balance
Ask anything
hand cursor icon.
| How do I top-up my electricity?

Self service – tailor made

Anytime, anywhere, let your customers:

• Pay rent
• Make a complaint
• Book a repair
• Report ASB
• Apply for a home

You’re good to go with 200+ integrations
pre-built and ready to deploy.

Hey there 👋, I’m House your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
How much is my current rent?
Happy to help, whats your 19 digit payment reference number?
Thanks, please can you confirm your DOB
11/04/1974 circle
Thanks John, your rent is currently £325 in arrears.
Last name
Date of Birth
11/04/1974 circle
1468 ABC Dr.

Super charge your customer service agents

Save agents from time-sapping repetitive questions and let them breathe a sigh of relief.

From Web to WhatsApp, enable your residents to self-serve by signposting to new tools and customer portals

And let your agents focus on the residents that need them most.

Thanks for that, I would also like to discuss my rights as a tenant. Can you transfer me to an agent please?
No problem, transferring you to speak to someone now, you’re 3rd in the queue
You can still ask questions while you wait
Hi, how can I help?
Agent Joined

The happy resident formula

Agent + Automation = Happy Residents

Wait times down
Top case drivers addressed with automation
Round the clock service
Additional agents hired

“It’s a super system that’s really easy to setup – everything’s run very smoothly.”

Carol Crathorne, Service Transformation Manager, Believe Housing

Don’t leave your residents heartbroken.
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Kitty Hadaway

UK Housing Lead

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Automation built for humans, by humans. 

Stay ahead of your residents’ needs, automating answers before they’re even asked.
Create your first answer in under 60 seconds

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Deploy our bank of over 1,000 questions
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Put self-service at the heart of your
customer service strategy.