Fighting Crime with WhatsApp

There’s never been a better time to accelerate your digital contact programme. Our automation first chatbots can help.

From Web to WhatsApp, connect with citizens on the social channels they use everyday.

What is 101?
Report a crime
Upload intelligence
Case update
My car’s been stolen
Anti-social behaviour
I’m worried
Drunk and disorderly
Road traffic update

Don’t leave your public on hold

Budgets are tight and call volumes are up.

But the good news is our bots can lend a hand.

Give your contact team a boost, and let them deal with the issues that really matter.
Hey there 👋, I’m Bobby your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Urgent help
Update on my case
Report an incident
Ask anything
hand cursor icon.
| I want to report a breach of COVID-19 rules

Super charge your Digital Contact Team

Automate the answering of non-urgent repetitive questions.

Let your officers focus on the problems that need them most.

Thanks for that, I have information about a crime. Can you transfer to an officer please?
No problem, transferring you to speak to someone now, you’re 1st in the queue
You can still ask questions while you wait
Hi, how can I help?
Agent Joined

Reduce wait times + increase reach

Automation First + Live Chat on All Channels

Wait times down
Top case drivers addressed with automation
Round the clock service
Additional officers hired

“This will help increase public satisfaction, and improve our intelligence.”

Martin Scoble, Chief Executive Officer, Northamptonshire PFCC

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Andy Wilkins


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Automation built for humans, by humans. 

Stay ahead of your citizens’ needs, automating answers before they’re even asked.
Build your solution today with our plug n’ play solution.

Review our bank of over 1,000 policing questions
Tag your quick fire top FAQ
Test & go live with your bot
Review real-time analytics to evidence ROI

Put self-service at the heart of your
digital contact strategy.