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Connecting to your people at the right time

When automation isn’t enough, connect your HR team seamlessly to your desk and non-desk workforce on any channel and in any language.

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Multi-lingual live chat

Engage in live chat in over 120 languages real-time – straight out of the box.

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Government-grade security

Enjoy end-to-end security architecture with military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest.

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Unlimited seats

Don't be constrained by seat charging. Spread the load across as many users as fits your organisation.

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Set Office Hours

Schedule when your HR team is available for live chat. Out of hours, revert to automated FAQ or create a ticket for the next day.

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Any channel

Boost usage by connecting live chat on the channels your workforce already use every day.

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Plug ’n’ play

Sign up and start engaging with your workforce today – no complex set-up here.

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Instantly fluent in 120 languages

Switch seamlessly between Automate and LiveChat to best serve your workforce.

Let staff members chat in whatever language they feel most comfortable, safe in the knowledge that you can deal with it real-time in English.

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Improve your knowledge base

Add common queries to your knowledge base at the end of each chat.

Opt to single-click to retrain our machine learning models and reduce the demand on your live chat agents.


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Advanced analytics

Get invaluable insights into what your workforce’s most pressing concerns are and how they’re being dealt with.

Track down usage to the minute and pinpoint time saved and value for money.

All features

Set up

Live chat
  • Unlimited seats
  • Available on platform or deployed within MS Teams
  • Queueing
  • Chat Assignment
  • Availability look-up
  • Preview chat history



Receive live chat from:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Web / intranet pop-up
  • Slack
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Text
  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Viber
  • Skype
  • WeChat

Data encryption in transit and at rest


  • 120+ languages
  • Auto-detected
  • Auto-translated
Usage levels
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited chat interactions
  • Fixed price to budget




Rich insights including:

  • Usage analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Conversation analysis
  • Channel analysis
  • Language analysis
  • Sentiment analysis

Action prompts to help

  • Update and manage content
  • Fill missing content
  • Drive internal knowledge campaigns