Rally people to your cause with live chat and artificial intelligence chatbots

Be there for your stakeholders 24/7 with our live chat and chatbots for charities and nonprofits. 

Let our artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots provide instant answers to common questions and signpost to your services.

Use our live chat platform to auto-translate queries and responses, making your support agents fluent in over 120 languages.

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Feeling low
Book an appointment
I need someone to listen
What are the symptoms?
Help for my family
Support network
Is there a cure?

Be there for your stakeholders with live chat and chatbots for charities

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Omnichannel Support

Talk to stakeholders on all your channels, from your website to WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Collect Feedback

Stay on top of your stakeholders’ feedback; learn more about their needs and common frustrations.

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Reduce Wait Times

Enable 24/7 self-service and automate answers to frequently asked questions.

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Live Chat Handover

Seamlessly escalate complex conversations to your live agents.

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Government Grade Security

Enjoy end-to-end security architecture with military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest.

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Multi-Language Support

Auto-translate queries and responses, making your live agents fluent in 120+ languages.

Our formula for 24/7 stakeholder support

Live Agent + Live Chat and Charity Chatbot = Happy Stakeholders

Wait times down
Top case drivers addressed with automation
Round the clock service
Additional agents hired

Provide round-the-clock support with our chatbots

Charities need to maintain constant communication with stakeholders. Fortunately, most messages are quick and easy to respond to. 

Our chatbots can enable self-service on all your digital channels and help stakeholders:

  • Donate to your cause
  • Get help
  • Find a support network
  • Ask anything. 

There’s no need to hire more live agents. Choose from 200+ chatbot integrations for charities and nonprofits.

Hey there 👋 , I’m your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
I want to donate
I’m feeling low
Support network
Ask anything
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| Is there a support group near me?

Live chat superpowers for your customer service agents

Let Futr provide seamless handovers from your self-service options to your live agents in seconds. 

We’ll even give your customer support teams multilingual live chat powers, allowing them to be fluent in over 120 languages — instantly.  

Use your chat data to conduct sentiment analysis about your stakeholders — including frequent keywords and common requests — allowing you to serve them better.

Thanks for that, I would also like to understand more family support. Can you transfer me to an agent please?
No problem, transferring you to speak to someone now, you’re 1st in the queue
You can still ask questions while you wait
Hi, how can I help?
Agent Joined

Live chat and chatbot technology built for humans, by humans

Use our live chat and chatbot platform to stay ahead of your stakeholders’ needs. Your charity’s support staff will also have a dedicated account manager to assist you at all times.

Deploy an off-the-shelf solution or let us custom build
We connect your data and existing backend systems
We auto-generate your dialogue flows, test, train and deploy
Review real-time analytics dashboards to iterate and show ROI
Start a free Futr trial and
build your first chatbot today!
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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions by talking to our chatbot. Hit the chat widget on the lower right-hand side of your screen to get started.

You can also go straight to the FAQs below.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to imitate and process human conversations on websites, apps and messaging platforms. Chatbots enable humans to communicate with digital devices as if they were interacting with a real person. They can use rudimentary rule-based programming to answer simple queries or sophisticated technology to function as digital assistants.

What can chatbots for charities and nonprofits do?

At Futr, our chatbots use advanced algorithms to engage volunteers and donors by responding to their frequently asked questions. Our chatbots can enable self-service and help your stakeholders:

  • Learn about your cause
  • Donate to your cause
  • Seek help
  • Find a support network
  • Ask anything about your organisation.

What kind of pricing plans are available?

  • Futr offers three plans:
    Growth: Aimed at smaller nonprofit organisations. Comes with our standard multilingual chatbot and live chat features.
  • Professional: Aimed at large nonprofit organisations. Comes with all Growth features, plus unlimited live chat seats and a dedicated set-up team and account manager.
  • Enterprise: Aimed at enterprise-level organisations. Comes with all Professional features, plus chatbot and live chat on Instagram, Twitter, Alexa, Google Home and IVR, and integration with your CRM and BI tool of choice.

Does Futr offer a free trial?

Yes, Futr offers a free demo and a no-obligation four-week trial of our chatbot and live chat platform.

Does Futr offer live chat?

Yes, Futr’s live chat solution allows users to seamlessly escalate a conversation with a chatbot to one of your live agents. Out of hours, your chatbot can generate a ticket and connect a user to your support team the next business day.

Does Futr offer integrations?

Yes, we are experts at integrations. Futr’s live chat and chatbot platform integrate with leading CRM systems, service desks and field management systems.
When it comes to charities and nonprofits, Futr supports leading customer service platforms such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Jira Service Desk and LiveChat, among others.
You can also use your chatbots for fundraising, thanks to our integrations with payment platforms like Stripe and PayPal

What channels does Futr deploy to?

Our live chat and chatbot platform can be deployed as a pop-up on your website. You can also deploy a chatbot interface across your donor engagement channels, including WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. 

We can also deploy chatbots to your intranet channels, including Slack and Microsoft Teams, to help you coordinate staff and volunteer activities.

What languages does Futr support?

Futr auto-translates queries and responses into 120 languages, including French, Spanish, Afrikaans, Pashto, Romanian and more.
Futr also supports Cymraeg/Welsh — a critical feature in Wales, where agencies and organisations are required by law to provide services in Welsh and English.