Conversational AI

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Agile & dynamic chatbots powered by conversational AI

Delight your customers with human-like interactions powered by conversational artificial intelligence (AI)

Don’t settle for standard chatbots that don’t understand your customers’ questions. Go beyond bots that force users to choose from a topic list.

At Futr, our chatbot platform answers real-life questions and understands the context behind words. Our conversational AI also auto-translates questions and responses, making your chatbots fluent in over 120 languages.


Breathe new life into the customer experience with conversational AI-powered chatbots

Human-like Conversations

Our chatbots interact with customers using natural language and create a more engaging customer experience.

Smart Self-Serve

Help customers access your services within the chat — from tracking deliveries to payments and more.

Omnichannel Support

Talk to your customers on any digital channel, from your website to WhatsApp and Facebook.

Live Chat Handover

Escalate complex conversations from your chatbots to your live agents seamlessly.

Multi-Language Support

Auto-translate queries and responses, making your live agents fluent in 120+ languages.

Government Grade Security

Enjoy end-to-end security architecture with military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest.

Conversational AI

Deploy agile and dynamic chatbots powered by conversational AI

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Get customers to talk to AI without feeling alienated

Automation is just one half of an effective chatbot strategy.

You also need to ensure your chatbots understand and learn your customers’:

  • Intent
  • Slang
  • Typos
  • Context

At Futr, we use conversational AI, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to “teach” our chatbots how to understand the real questions your customers ask.

Increase your survey completion rates

Chatbots made fluent in 120+ languages

Our chatbot platform gives your customers the ability to ask questions and get responses in more than 120 languages.

Let customers choose their preferred language from a dropdown menu in the chat window. When escalating the conversation to a live agent, Futr will translate the chat to your live agent’s language in mere seconds.

Let your users chat in whatever language they feel most comfortable with. Be safe in the knowledge that your chatbots and live agents can understand them.

Futr AI - conversational AI
Futr AI - conversational AI
maximise your surveys’ value

Learn from previous conversations and adapt to new queries

Futr’s AI and machine learning models learn and evolve as your chatbots process more conversations.

The more conversations you process, the better your chatbots will be at providing human-like responses.

Use our built-in analytics platform to monitor your customers’ overall mood. Conduct sentiment analysis to decipher common questions and improve your automated responses.

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