Conversation is the Futr.

Our machine learning platform replaces repetitive processes with automated conversation.

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WE make data talk

Two-way connectivity to data drives everything we do, from buying products to accessing services or querying knowledge bases. But how we interact with data is being transformed. The best interface is no interface, and with over a billion voice devices sold and nearly three billion people using messaging apps regularly, voice and chat bots are changing the way users interact with data every day.

Futr. is a British tech company using machine learning and conversational interfaces to turn data into dialogue.


Disruptive products

Our machine leaning platform delivers products that automate repetitive processes with  conversation.

Chatamo is a ready-made product that automates marketing, sales and support creating multi-lingual voice, chat,  web & mobile bots in minutes.

Currently in private beta, Chatamo Public is transforming communications and processes in the public sector through voice and chat.



Our no-code platform Chatamo auto-generates intelligent bots across all voice & chat channels for marketing, sales & support.

work place

We deliver intelligent automation for employee & stakeholder interactions with your business. 

Public sector

We augment internal and external systems, delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies and insight in the public sector.

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