Go Automation First with Futr’s AI Chatbot

Use your humans wisely by deploying a new front line of customer service to all channels.
Raise customer satisfaction and let your agents focus on those that need them most.

    • Web, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Voice
    • Personalised Automation
    • Live Chat Handover
    • Auto-translated into 100+ languages

    “Our main goal was to offer customers something 24/7. Futr’s ‘automate first’ offering was a big win for us.”

    Mark Welsh

    Believe Housing
    Male profile

    “Providing automated support in any language greatly benefits our customers whilst reducing our contact costs.”

    Ryan Heseltine


    From government to business, our chatbots are used by over 1,000 organisations:

    Trade long wait times
    for instant support

    We all want instant answers to questions.
    The good news is that up to 80% of queries
    relate to just a handful of problems.

    No need to extend support times or hire more
    agents. Enable self-serve, day or night.

    Hey there 👋, I’m customers your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
    Pay rent
    Book a repair
    Report anti-social behaviour
    What is my rent balance
    Ask anything
    hand cursor icon.
    | How do I top-up my electricity?

    Super charge your customer service agents

    Save agents from time-sapping repetitive questions and let them breathe a sigh of relief.

    From Web to WhatsApp, let your customers self-serve by signposting to new tools and customer portals

    And let your agents focus on those that need them most.

    Thanks for that, I would also like to discuss my rights as a tenant. Can you transfer me to an agent please?
    No problem, transferring you to speak to someone now, you’re 3rd in the queue
    You can still ask questions while you wait
    Hi, how can I help?
    Agent Joined

    Integrate existing tools to customise self service

    Anytime, anywhere, let your customers:

    • Pay something
    • Change something
    • Check something
    • Track something
    • Report something

    You’re good to go with hundreds of integrations
    pre-built and ready to deploy.

    Hey there, I’m your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
    When is my delivery arriving?
    Happy to help, what’s your 6 digit payment reference number?
    Thanks, please can you confirm your date of birth?
    11 April 1974 circle
    Thanks John, your delivery is currently scheduled for this afternoon.
    John Smith
    Date of Birth
    11/04/1974 circle
    London, SE1 3ER
    Arrives today (PM)
    Tracking number

    Build better relationships with more data

    Make business decisions based on real data.

    • Get to know customers who talk with your
      chatbot and build relationships
    • Understand sentiment and uncover root causes
      to challenges to improve your CSAT scores
    • Use the heatmap to find out when your users
      are the most active to project the number of
      live agents needed during peaks.

    Customer satisfaction rating

    CSAT Score
    Line graph
    Line graph
    Daily Cost Savings
    Bar graph
    Most Popular Questions
    Where is my order?
    I want to change by booking
    User Sentiment by time of day
    Line graph
    Line graph
    Data added to the knowledge base
    3 Q&As
    Bar graph
    Most popular answers
    Report incident
    Other issue
    Tracking NPS
    Line graph
    Line graph

    Automation built for humans, by humans. 

    Stay ahead of your customers’ needs, automating answers before they’re even asked.
    Build your automation first solution today.

    1. Deploy our off-the-shelf features or let us map your automation strategy
    2. We connect your data and existing enterprise tools & processes
    3. We auto-generate your dialogue flows, test, train & deploy
    4. Review real-time metrics & analytics dashboards to iterate and evidence ROI

    Put self-service at the heart of your
    customer service strategy.