Conversational Forms

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Conversational forms powered by chatbots

Customers hate filling in forms — they’re time-consuming & inflexible

Transform your completion rates and quality of data by deploying chatbot-powered conversational forms across all your digital channels. Whether you want to capture emails for lead generation or help customers use your services online, make the process easier with conversational customer forms.

Our chatbot-powered conversational forms are available 24/7, helping you keep your customers engaged.


Make filling in forms engaging and convenient

Natural language

Let your customers complete forms without having to leave the chat. See completion rates skyrocket.

Omnichannel Support

Talk to your customers on any digital channel, from your website to WhatsApp and Facebook.

Clean and Secure Data

Automatically validate and secure your customer data as it comes through the chat and into your systems.

Live Chat Handover

Escalate complex conversations seamlessly to your live agents.

Government Grade Security

Enjoy end-to-end security architecture with military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest.

Multi-Language Support

Make your customer forms available in 120+ languages straight away.

Conversational Forms

Conversational forms powered by chatbots

Conversational chat forms

Conversational chat forms on any channel

Empower your customers to complete forms on the go on any channel. With Futr, your conversational forms can help customers:

  • Apply for something
  • Report something
  • Pay for something
  • Track something
  • Change something.
Validate data in real time and provide contextual help within the conversation.
multiple back-end systems

Integrate chatbots with your existing tools and systems

Our chatbot and live chat platform integrate with multiple back-end systems to deliver a wide range of conversational forms seamlessly.

Let customers complete their applications and forms quickly and on the go in their preferred chat channel. Futr will also make your customer forms available in over 120 languages instantly.

boost customer engagement

Use customer chat analytics data to measure engagement

Use our built-in analytics dashboard to get real insights into how your customers engage with you, when and on what channel.

Track usage to the minute and pinpoint time saved and value for money. Explore your data and make fast, data-driven actions to drive efficiency and boost customer engagement.

live chat & chatbot features

Discover our live chat and chatbot features

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Seamless deployment on:


Data encryption in transit and at rest



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Rich insights including:


Action prompts to help