Futr AI’s Commitment to Mental Health: Empowering Change on Mental Health Awareness Day 

10th October marks the annual celebration of Mental Health Awareness Day. This day serves as a time to raise awareness, break stigmas and provide support to those around us. At Futr AI, the topic of mental health resonates deeply with us and is at the core of what we do. Our commitment to mental well-being is extended throughout our chat solutions, which are designed to provide efficient, inclusive/immediate support and resources to those when they need it the most. We take great pride in harnessing technology as a force for good, as we dedicate our services to providing innovative solutions that foster a positive impact. This is highlighted in our collaborative work with multiple critical care and mental health charities, where we extend our support to assist them in their crucial work. In light of Mental Health Awareness Day, we wanted to delve into some of this work, in the blog below. 

While our charity partners address a range of issues, they all share a common goal; striving to enhance mental well-being and contribute to a more harmonious society. Among our dedicated charity partners actively engaged in providing mental health support are organisations such as: CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Bipolar UK, The Mix, and Brothers in Arms. These organisations have consistently shown their dedication by offering vital assistance and valuable resources to individuals navigating mental health difficulties. 

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CALM is a registered charity dedicated to preventing suicide. They offer a free, confidential helpline and web chat service providing help or advice to anyone struggling, or in crisis that may require support. To further this, their work extends to campaigning for mental health wellbeing, standing to change the conversations surrounding the topic. The incorporation of our chat solutions have supported CALM’s operations in offering crucial assistance to the charity’s users, providing them with 24/7, inclusive and empathetic support at times when needed the most. Our shortlisting as finalists for the UK Business Tech Awards Tech for Good award for our collaborative work with CALM highlights the impact of our innovative AI-powered chat services and our contribution to furthering CALM’s mission to combat suicide and promote mental well-being. Check out the full case study here. 

Bipolar UK is a national charity that is dedicated to empowering individuals and their families that have been affected by bipolar. They do this by providing support, learning resources and guidance to all those that need it, whilst actively acting as a voice for their community, promoting awareness of the disorder and advocating to change public attitudes mental health stigmas. The integration of our chat solutions have transformed the charity’s service offering, providing their users with multilingual chat, as well as round-the-clock support, whilst also increasing the number of people their service reaches. Check out the full success story here. 

The Mix is one of the UK’s leading support services for young people under the age of 25, offering assistance across various needs, from mental health issues to money problems or homelessness – with no topics being out of bounds. Their notable support is in the realm of mental health, addressing pressures that young people often face, and providing them with the assistance and tools to help improve this. They offer a free, confidential helpline or counselling service that those that may require it can access and receive help from. We take pride in partnering with The Mix charity, successfully delivering chat services to their users and helping to facilitate the support they need, anywhere, anytime.  

Brothers in Arms is a Scottish mental health charity, that is dedicated to reducing the rate of male suicide. This charity recognises the significance of offering targeted and specialised support to a demographic that often encounters stigma when addressing mental health struggles. Brothers in Arms actively work to initiate discussions and boost awareness surrounding mental health, playing a pivotal role in reducing male suicide and enhancing the mental health of men living in Scotland. At Futr AI, we’re proud to support this charity with our innovative chat services, which enhances the accessibility of their offering and provides valuable support to their users.  

How our AI-powered chat solutions can support mental health services 

At Futr AI, we feel honoured to play such a vital role in making a positive impact on mental health services. Seeing the need for critical care services continuing to increase, we are continuously driven to deliver the most functional and service agent-supportive technology. Our innovative chat solution offers a wide array of features that are designed to reach everyone, regardless of their needs. We have taken the time to craft our technology to be suitable for use within the crucial care services, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence. Our multilingual chat makes your chatbot and live agent instantly fluent in over 120 languages, breaking down language barriers and ensuring that every individual can be supported worldwide and in their preferred language. Our conversational AI feature has been carefully crafted to mirror human-like interactions, using natural language processing (NLP), creating a more engaging and empathetic user engagement. When dealing with sensitive matters, such as a person’s mental health, ensuring full data protection and privacy is paramount to gain the user’s trust, which is promised through our strict data protection regulations. To add to all of these features, our chat service offers multi-channel live chat integration which enables your charity to connect with users at the right place and time, escalating complex conversations that require human support quickly and with ease, which is of utmost importance when dealing with sensitive matters. The features mentioned are only a few of many that are in place to give mental health services the tools needed to support their users in all areas. 

To find out more about how our chat solutions can support your mental health service or critical care charity, reach out here.  

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