Delivering services for Bipolar when the stakes are high

Bipolar UK is the only national charity dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by bipolar – one of the biggest mental health challenges of the 21st century, impacting over one million people in the UK.

Futr was honored to support as Bipolar UK’s successful bid at the 2019 Comic Relief Tech for Good awards, as their tech partner.

Demand management is a challenging business

Bipolar is a growing issue, impacting both the diagnosed and their family and friends. Support is a crucial element of enabling those affected to live well with the condition. For Bipolar UK’s team of 11 employees and 200 volunteers – responsible for over 100 support groups, a 20k member eCommunity, and 1-2-1 peers support via phone and email – managing demand is tough.

With the charity supporting over 70k people per year, Bipolar UK came to Futr to:

  • Direct resources towards those most in need
  • Provide service users access to information 24/7
  • Reach service users on the channels of their choice

“We receive over 5,000 calls and emails each year – with a huge number of common questions.”

Simon Kitchen, CEO, Bipolar UK

Supporting service users, in over 120+ languages

The team at Bipolar UK were looking for an out-the-box technology solution, to enable their users to self serve answers to their most frequently asked questions.

Bipolar UK selected the Futr platform to deploy an AI powered multi-lingual chatbot to automate answers to FAQs.

After quickly uploading a list of FAQs, Simon and his team now enable customers to self serve with ease, hugely reduce demand on the team, and even leverage Futr’s ‘Improvement areas’ functionality to automagically train their chatbot on new user questions.

Simon and his team now get real time information, enabling them to not only quantify the success of the project, but also gain new insights into the provision of their services.

“Futr’s chatbot comes ready for use out of the box. Deployment was as simple as a few clicks and overnight it transformed our offering making it available 24/7 in any language.”

Simon Kitchen, CEO, Bipolar UK

Measurable impact, £87k in quantifiable savings in first 8 months

“The value we get from Futr’s platform is huge. The increased bandwidth we now have is transforming our service offering and the number of people it reaches”

Fiona O’Brian, Bipolar UK

Download Bipolar UK’s case study

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