Improve customer service with live chat and sales chatbots for retail

Add higher customer satisfaction levels to your cart and drive more sales with our retail chatbot and live chat solution!

Deploy a customer support chatbot to automatically answer frequently asked questions 24/7. Use our customer service live chat for complex conversations and be instantly fluent in 120+ languages. 

Futr supports major eCommerce, CRM and payment platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Stripe and more. 

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Track order
Change delivery
Make a return
Refund policy
Make exchange
Understand sizing
Check stock
Cancel subscription
Make a purchase

Engage your customers with retail chatbots and live chat

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Omnichannel Retail Bot

Talk to customers on any channel, from your eCommerce website to WhatsApp and Facebook.

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Collect Feedback

Stay on top of your customers’ complaints and learn more about their most

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Reduce Wait Time

Enable 24/7 self-service and automate answers to frequently asked questions.

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Live Chat Handover

Seamlessly escalate complex conversations to your live agents.

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Government Grade Security

Enjoy end-to-end security architecture with military-grade data encryption in transit and at rest.

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Multi-Language Support

Auto-translate queries and responses, making your live agents fluent in 120+ languages.

The happy shopper formula

Live Agent + Live Chat and Automated Chatbot = Happy Customers

Increase in up-selling & cross-selling
Top case drivers addressed with automation
Round the clock service
Languages instantly available

Add self-service to all your digital channels with a retail chatbot

Put an end to long wait times by enabling self-service on all your retail channels. 

Deploy an eCommerce chatbot that helps your customers:

  • Track their order status
  • Change delivery details
  • Reference return and refund policies
  • Make exchanges
  • Understanding fitting and sizing
  • Check product stock.

Answer 80% of common questions instantly without hiring more staff.

Hi Ibo 👋 , I’m your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Track order
Change delivery
Apply for refund
Check stock
Ask anything
hand cursor icon.
| I’ve cut the label off, can I still return?

Live chat powers for your live customer service agents

Some customer queries require a more human touch.

Use our live chat platform to seamlessly escalate complaints and questions to your live agents and keep customers happy. 

Want to operate internationally? Futr translates questions and answers into 120 languages — making your customer service agents instantly fluent.

I want to discuss my refund . Can you transfer me to an agent please?
No problem, transferring you to speak to someone now, you’re 3rd in the queue
You can still ask questions while you wait
Hi, how can I help?
Agent Joined

200+ self-service integration tools for eCommerce

Use a retail chatbot to save your agents from answering time-sapping, repetitive questions all day.

Choose from over 200 pre-built integrations for retail and help your customers:

  • Pay something
  • Change something
  • Check something
  • Track something
  • Report something.

Futr supports major eCommerce, CRM and payment platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Stripe and more.

Hey Hannah 👋, I’m your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Where’s my order?
Happy to help, whats your 10 digit order reference number?
Thanks, please can you confirm your DOB
11/04/1974 circle
Thanks Hannah, your parcel will be with you on Monday.
Last name
Date of Birth
11/04/1974 circle
1468 ABC Dr.
Delivery date
Monday 22nd July

Live chat and retail chatbot technology built for humans, by humans

Use our live chat and retail chatbot platform to stay ahead of your citizens’ needs. Your staff will also have access to a dedicated account manager to assist you at all times.

Deploy an off-the-shelf solution or let us map your live chat and automation strategy.
Connect your data and existing enterprise service tools and processes.
Auto-generate your dialogue flows, test, train and deploy our customer service platform.
Review real-time metrics and analytics dashboards to iterate and demonstrate ROI.
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