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Getting Automatic Customer Contact Right at Ongo Homes

After a first foray into conversational chatbots, Ongo – the largest housing provider in North Lincolnshire – was left wanting more, to better support customers and reduce contact costs.

Excellent Customer Service

Being well versed in chatbot solutions, Ongo already knew what they wanted from a bot and had some particular upgrades in mind. 

Initially, the team at Ongo began talking to Futr out of curiosity about what was out there.

It quickly became apparent from their first conversation with Futr that the platform perfectly fits their ambitions to amaze their customers and effect digital channel shift.

 “Futr is an out-the-box product that is there, proven, and works.”

Ryan Heseltine, Solutions Architect, Ongo Homes

Read the full story to understand in more detail why Ryan Heseltine, Solutions Architect at Ongo Homes, switched to Futr and what the measurable impact has been, on both customer experience and contact team efficiency.

Download Ongo Homes’ case study

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