Newham Council – Where Residents Speak 103 languages

How to communicate with residents when they speak 103 different languages

Nestled between the River Thames Royal Docks and the Stratford Olympic Stadium, Newham Council is the local authority for the London borough of Newham.

Like all of Futr’s clients, they put their residents at the heart of what they do. But with most of their residents coming from minority backgrounds and speaking 103 languages, this is easier said than done!

Ron Springer, Head of Customer Services at Newham Council, came to Futr to solve several specific problems:

  • Reduce the number of repeat queries to the contact centre
  • Speak to residents in their preferred language
  • To gain usage insights to drive future campaigns

These goals led them to Futr’s platform in 2019, to deploy an AI-powered multilingual chatbot that could automatically answer their residents’ questions—resulting in a measurable financial impact of £40,000 in quantifiable savings!

Download the case study to read Newham Council’s review of the Futr platform, learn how many hours of call times were saved and in how many languages questions were answered!

Download Newham Council’s case study

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