How charities are using intelligent chatbots: Real life use cases

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Charities and non-profits are starting to embrace chatbots and different aspects of AI and Machine Learning to help share their incredible work, tell powerful stories and encourage donations.  

More and more charities are now including chatbots as a key part of their digital strategy. Chatbots are proving to be a useful tool, helping to free up time for staff so that they can focus on core service delivery as well as fundraising activities that need a human touch.  

For service users, donors, and volunteers, chatbots have been extremely useful in democratising access to information and services.  

In this webinar, Alex Turnbull, Account Executive and Charity Lead at Futr and Alice Edwards, Director of Customer Success, talk through real life use cases of chatbots in charities and non-profit organisations.  

In this webinar, they: 

  • Bust common myths about chatbots 
  • Explore the benefits of chatbots to charities 
  • Share real life use cases from a number of different charities 

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