Live chat tools and chatbot integrations

Add a conversational layer to your communications and automate responses to common questions by linking Futr to your existing tech stack.

Use our live chat and chatbot integrations to “talk” to your APIs, inherit their rules and provide engaging dialogue straight out of the box.

Our most popular tools and integrations

Slack logo

Encourage collaboration and constant communication on Slack with a custom chatbot.

Whatsapp logo

Launch your chatbots and live chat superpowers on WhatsApp and field customer queries 24/7.

FB Messenger logo
Facebook Messenger

Connect Futr with your Facebook Page to engage customers on Facebook Messenger.

Stripe logo

Allow your customers to make digital payments through chat with our Stripe integration.

Google Analytics logo
Google Analytics

Integrate Futr with Google Analytics to analyse and track the performance of your chatbots and live chat channels.

Shopify logo

Integrate Futr with your Shopify store and deploy a retail chatbot to engage customers.



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