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eBook: How charities can drive digital transformation through chatbots

07.04.22 Written by Hejab Azam

The shift in giving caused by COVID-19 represents a turning point for
charities. As social distancing guidelines and a decline in cash donations forced
nonprofits to fundraise in digital environments, charitable organisations now
have to embrace digital transformation to avoid losing touch with donors and

This is where live chat and chatbots for charities come in, introducing a toolset
that drives digital transformation in charities and other nonprofit groups.

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This eBook explores:

  • Digital transformation in the charity sector
  • How chatbots can assist with core service delivery
  • Digitising paper-based processes
  • Digital donor engagement
  • Multilingual chat support

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  • Published 07.04.22
  • By Hejab Azam
  • In eBook