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AI Frees Up Customer Service Team from Routine Inquiries

Denby Pottery is one of the most esteemed manufacturers of stoneware and pottery in the UK, with a rich history spanning over 200 years. The company is renowned for its exceptional quality, timeless designs, and the meticulous craftsmanship of its products.

In a competitive industry, Denby Pottery has carved out a distinct identity, known for its passionate team and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s dedication to providing a wide array of durable, beautifully designed pottery and ceramics has made it a favorite amongst customers who value both aesthetics and functionality.

Last year's Results
reduction in phone calls
1 %
diverted customer interactions
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savings generated by automation
£ 1


Our customer service team were tied up answering all sorts of routine inquiries. There was a chance that we’d lose a sale, or a customer would drop off completely.

Denby previously had a live chat solution to try and help meet customers’ demands and guide them through the customer journey. However, what they found was that a lot of customers were asking similar questions and their customer team was tied up answering routine inquiries.

At peak times this was a challenge because customers who were waiting for a while in queues would give up and ring instead. This wasn’t ideal because a customer service agent can only speak to one customer at a time on the phone, compared to live chat where they can engage with several. 

Sometimes customers would end up emailing but because emails aren’t directly in front of the customer service team, often they were getting put to the back of the queue. As a result, customers could be waiting a few days for a response to an email which Gill felt wasn’t in line with modern expectations.


When we first had the demo, the team were very personable and obviously very passionate about the product. And we just got a good feeling. It just seemed very straightforward, but with quite a lot of power behind it. And we liked the language function because we trade across Europe, and also because the UK is quite a diverse nation—not all of our customers necessarily have English as their first language. The feedback we’ve had from customer service has been really positive.

In response to the challenge of managing high volumes of customer inquiries, Denby Pottery sought an innovative solution that would both meet customer expectations and improve efficiency. The solution came in the form of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot and live chat combination.

Trained on Denby’s own data (website and commonly-asked questions), the AI chatbot and livc chat combination ensured a seamless transition for customers, allowing them to receive instantaneous and accurate responses to routine questions. It also freed up Denby’s customer service team to deal with more complex issues, effectively increasing their capacity to handle multiple live chat conversations simultaneously.

Since implementing the AI solution, the impact on Denby’s customer service efficiency and satisfaction levels has been significant. The number of customer emails has been reduced by 23%, and customer calls have decreased by an impressive 45%. This substantial reduction in manual responses has not only led to massive savings in resources but has also enhanced Denby’s ability to provide faster resolution for their customers.

This use of AI has allowed Denby to scale its customer service response effectively, handling more inquiries during peak times and significantly reducing wait times. The improved efficiency aligns perfectly with modern customer service expectations, demonstrating Denby’s commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient service delivery.

I feel like we’ve been able to help a lot more customers get through the journey much more smoothly. The feedback we’ve had from customer service has been really positive.

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