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Opening up a new comms channel to service more in need

BPAS (British Pregnancy Advisory Service) is a leading reproductive healthcare charity in the United Kingdom. The organisation provides a wide array of services including contraception advice, abortion, miscarriage counselling, and STI testing.

Given the sensitive nature of their work, BPAS aims to offer confidential and non-judgemental advice and support to its clients, advocating for reproductive rights and access to safe and legal abortion services.

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We wanted our clients to be able to connect with those using different communication channels. Also to be able to answer general queries without the need for the client to call us. We understand for especially for our clients in our industry, it can be very difficult to find that space and that time and privacy to be able to pick the phone up. Overall, it was to enhance our client journey but also as well to reduce the call volumes.

BPAS was keen to improve the client journey by enabling multi-channel communication and reducing call volumes. They needed a solution that would allow clients to connect quickly and easily, and address general queries without requiring a phone call. In an industry where privacy is paramount, BPAS sought to provide a solution that clients could use at their convenience.

In addition, BPAS needed a system that was easy to integrate and use, with minimal reliance on the IT team, a robust reporting function, and the flexibility to turn the chatbot function on and off as needed.

Futr AI, BPAS - Customer Story, consultation with patient from British Pregnancy Advisory Services


Futr AI’s chatbot and live chat solution emerged as the ideal answer to BPAS’s challenges. With minimal IT input, it was smoothly integrated into BPAS’s operations. Its intuitive interface made it easy for staff to navigate and manage, and the ability to toggle the chatbot on and off provided necessary flexibility for team management and service continuity. 

It's a great solution for our clients and it was easy to integrate with our existing systems without the need and support from IT. And it works well for our clients as well. It's easy for them to go onto our website and for them to be able to speak to us, but also as well for my staff to answer the questions and to be able to use a system that wasn't too complicated. So yes, we'll definitely recommend them.

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