Connect With Your International Audience and Boost Site Accessibility With a Multilingual Chatbot

Building genuine and authentic relationships with your audience is critical to long-term success. But as you expand internationally, you are likely to face a major obstacle: communication issues.  

An option is certainly to hire a full customer service team with professionals who are fluent in multiple languages. But this choice is inefficient and out of reach for smaller or growing organisations operating on a tight budget. Fortunately, multilingual tech that can be used for the good of your customers is now accessible, affordable, and entirely customisable.  

With products such as Futr’s AI-powered multilingual chatbot, you can communicate in real-time with customers all over the world – and strike brilliant customer service in over 120 languages. Discover the benefits of this feature below.  

Multilingual Tech for Good: What a Multiple Languages Chatbot Can Do for Your Brand 

Multilingual and accessibility features on your website are an increasingly important ranking factor for most search engines. But beyond simply boosting your SEO strategy, a multilingual chatbot can add true value to your customer experience. Below, we’ll look at some of the key benefits of introducing this feature to your website.  

Improving Your Customer Service 

AI-powered chatbots are accessible around the clock and allow international customers to find the answers they need in real-time. Cutting-edge multilingual chat features can also escalate problems within seconds, allowing users to access a dedicated live chat.  

This may seem like a simple feature – but it can truly take your relationships with your audience to the next level.  

Take, for example, the partnership between Futr andSuperdrug. By incorporating the multilingual chatbot features, Superdrug has been able to streamline its customer service capabilities, provide help to consumers in real time, enjoy unparalleled cost savings, and ultimately expand its operations.  

Boosting Your Brand’s Accessibility and Reputation 

Making your brand more accessible to every single one of your users is no easy feat. That’s where AI and automation can help. These features can boost your brand reputation by allowing you to communicate on a large scale with customers across the globe, no matter their language or accessibility requirements.  

If you are looking to position your brand as a champion for diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, implementing this feature should be your first port of call.  

Helping You Expand Internationally 

There can be many reasons why your brand needs to be accessible to international customers. For example, you may be looking to expand your operations to another country or region. Alternatively, your charitable association may need to communicate with minorities, expats, or refugees who are not fluent in your language.  

A multilingual chatbot fluent in over 120 languages can help you overcome this barrier. Plus, thanks to self-service features, your customer service and support can be accessed 24/7 by customers and users accessing your products from different time zones.  

Increasing Sales in the Long-Term 

There are several ways in which a multilingual chatbot can benefit your business, including increasing sales in the long term and expanding your customer base. Thanks to ad hoc chatbot survey features, you can gather customer feedback that can be used to improve your services. Additionally, these features allow you to obtain insights into the customer journey that your international users experience, which allows you to design more adequate products for an international market.  

Engaging With New and Returning Customers 

Last but not least, multilingual customer service supported by conversational AI can help you engage with new and returning customers, even when your audience is expanding beyond the capacity of your current customer support team. These features allow customers to access relevant answers to their questions and interact with your brand in their preferred language.  

Implementing an AI-Powered Multilingual Chat: No Excuses for Missing Out! 

When it comes down to implementing technologies that are good for your audience and for your business reputation, there is really no excuse for any delay! A multilingual chatbot is a simple yet efficient solution to boost your reputation and customer service.  

Some of the reasons why you should invest in this AI-powered tech include: 

  • It’s affordable – Futr’s multilingual chatbot systems can be entirely customised around your budget needs. Plus, AI can cut your operational costs by over 30%! 
  • It’s customisable – Just like the most expert of customer service representatives, a chatbot will embody the voice tone, mission, and values of your organisation.  
  • It’s readily available – Futr’s solutions are ready to be implemented whenever you need them the most, with minimal training and technical support required.  

Discover Futr AI’s Cutting-Edge Multilingual Chatbot 

If you are looking to boost the accessibility of your business and use technology for the good of your customers, a multilingual chatbot is a must-have feature on your website. Discover how Futr can help by getting in touch with our team or by request a demo for our multilingual chatbot.   

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