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Free automated superpowers for your charity

Connecting with your community over the festive season matters now more than ever. Instantly answer questions from your users & volunteers, and ease pressure on your teams.


Make a bigger difference over the festive season this year

The after effects of COVID together with the cost-of-living crisis and downturn in the economy is dealing a heavy blow to charities worldwide.

This is where auto chat and live chat for charities come in, introducing an off-the-shelf toolset that triages ever increasing demand.

Futr is proud to provide free chatbots to charities during the festive season. Our always on, always instant assistants let you meet local need and manage workforce demand. Say hello to the newest member of your team. 

Terms and conditions apply. Speak to our sales team for eligibility.

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Automate your answers. Liberate your teams.


Self serve answers to your most frequently asked questions – freeing up staff to focus on priority enquiries.


Add Futr’s conversational layer over your existing systems – delivering services and data seamlessly through chat.


Dialogue flows are auto-generated, based on the context of that data.

Any channel

From WhatsApp to Messenger, deploy to the hardest to reach on the channels your citizens already use everyday.

Any language

Imagine an assistant that’s fluent in 120+ languages. Futr is. Auto- translation comes as standard, straight out of the box.

Any time

Our chatbots never sleep, meaning you can answer enquiries and offer support 24/7, easing pressure on teams.

Plug ‘n’ play simplicity. Government-grade security.


With out of the box automation, you can start engaging with your citizens in seconds – no training required.


Futr was built for government. Enjoy end-to-end security, military-grade data encryption and rich analytics.

Our intelligent chatbots can help you achieve:
85% of citizen interactions without human intervention
+ 1 %
33% more time for your staff with chat admin
+ 1
81% boost in satisfaction levels with live chat handover at the right time
+ 0