Accessing Lifesaving Services #MHAW

Mental Health Awareness Week

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is a valuable opportunity to talk openly about all aspects of mental health, with a specific focus on providing help and advice for those in need. Providing access to the right information and practical tools that everyone can use to improve mental health and increase their resiliency, regardless of their personal situation, is a key part of that. This is important now more than ever because for many people, the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental health.

It’s only right that we recognise and praise CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and Bipolar UK – two of our customers – for the incredible work they’ve been doing over the years to provide the right support and tools to people suffering from mental ill-health. CALM is leading a movement against suicide and offer free and anonymous life-saving services, run campaigns that provoke national conversation, and they bring people together to collectively celebrate life and stand together against suicide. Bipolar UK is on a mission to empower everyone affected by bipolar to live well and fulfil their potential.

Here at Futr, we’re incredibly proud to be working with such great charities with causes that are so close to our heart. For Futr, our strategy as a business has always been about using technology for good and over the past few years we’ve been lucky enough to build relationships with CALM and Bipolar UK which align with our thinking and values.

Learn more about the incredible work CALM & Bipolar UK are doing

Visit the CALM and Bipolar UK websites now to see how you can get involved or read our Bipolar UK Customer Story or Charities Solution page to learn more about the amazing work they’re doing and the impact chatbot technology has had on its employees, users and service. 

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