5 Ways AI is Redefining the HR Space

11.03.20 Written by Futr

HR professionals struggle to maintain meaningful relationships with employees while juggling a large number of HR tasks and processes. AI technology is a powerful HR solution that has the capacity to transform the way HR departments work.

The benefits of AI in HR are clear. 96% of senior HR professionals believe that AI has great potential to improve talent acquisition and retention. And it’s no surprise 55% see evidence that AI will become a regular feature of HR in the next five years. 

So, here are five ways companies are using AI to manage, engage and satisfy an agile workforce:

1. AI in Recruitment

AI programmes can sort through information in CVs and LinkedIn profiles to pinpoint candidates that match the exact skillset you’re looking for. 

HR chatbots can engage with potential candidates and ask them pre-screening questions to ensure they fit the job profile and meet logistical requirements. L’Oréal, for example, has an HR bot that asks useful questions, such as “Are you available at the internship start date and throughout the entire internship period?”

Moreover, a chatbot can act as a virtual assistant to schedule interviews, organise background checks, ask for documentation and more.

Essentially, AI opens up new staffing possibilities and streamlines the recruitment process.

2. AI-Assisted Onboarding

HR professionals must handle a mountain of compliance and bureaucracy when they take on new hires. In most cases, employee onboarding training takes at least one week:

AI could ease this burden by carrying out the time-consuming, repetitive administrative tasks for you. This might include automating previously manual processes, such as data entry, allocating resources and the like.

An internal chatbot could also benefit new employees by making the onboarding process easy and answering common queries. According to Susan Power, Founder and CEO of Power HR, “This can allow new hires to integrate more quickly into the organization even before their first day on the job.”

3. HR Chatbots Handle Employee Queries

HR managers at large organisations receive hundreds of common requests on the daily. Employees might ask questions about payroll details, maternity leave, opportunities to work from home and so on.

There’s a huge amount of information on HR policies but it’s not always accessible to staff, nor is it easy to locate the right information. 

An internal HR chatbot, however, can provide automated responses to employee questions 24/7. This could save hours your HR team usually spends answering admin questions on the phone or via email.

Given the rise in remote working, a multilingual chatbot could also remove language barriers so that every member of staff gets the same care from HR.

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4. AI-Driven Employee Communications and Engagement

Adding a conversational AI layer to your staff’s preferred communication channel, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, will encourage them to respond to communications quicker and more readily.

On this channel, you will also be able to broadcast important messages to staff, such as policy updates. And engage in live chat where necessary.

What’s more, AI allows you to monitor queries and communications. The meaningful employee data that you collect can help inform new engagement initiatives.

5. Greater Employee Satisfaction

A recent study showed that employees believe bots are better at some aspects of management, while humans are better at aspects such as coaching and creating a work culture:

This emphasises the benefits of AI in freeing up HR staff to carry out more relationship-building initiatives and ultimately increase employee satisfaction.

There are also examples of companies using AI in HR to monitor satisfaction, predict employee trends and reduce employee turnover. For instance, IBM’s AI system predicts with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit and warns managers in advance.

Hence, from recruitment all the way through to retention, AI is transforming HR management and the employee journey.

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