15 Up-and-Coming Trends About Intelligent Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is dominating the headlines in 2023. Generative AI and chatbots are profoundly impacting marketing, public organisations, retailers, and even universities. 

This post explores 15 up-and-coming intelligent chatbot trends. But first, a primer. 

What is AI? 

A common definition of artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability formachines to perform cognitive and reasoning tasks usually ascribed to human intelligence. These include learning, decision-making, imagination and natural language processing.

Why is artificial intelligence important? 

AI is a big deal because the entire human world is a product of the human imagination and thinking. Every public service, charity, or housing association began as an abstract concept and only later became real. Artificial intelligence can ideate in this fashion, potentially accelerating all aspects of technology, public welfare, science, philosophy, mathematics, and health. As such, it provides valuable cognitive assistance to human workers. 

15 Top Trends In Intelligent Chatbot Technology

Here are our top trends in AI chatbot technology for 2023: 

1. New virtual assistants

Thanks to large language models (LLMs), natural language processing, and generative AI, advanced chatbots are getting to the point where they can assist employees. Bots trained on the latest data can provide up-to-the-minute advice across numerous fields. 

2. Greater intelligence

ChatGPT is far more than an “idiot savant” – a term coined by Astronomer Royal Lord Martin Rees. Instead, it appears to understand context, marking a sea-change compared to prior chatbot systems. You can ask virtually any question and get a plausible answer. 

(Note that ChatGPT is only trained on data up to 2021 and requires additional human vetting to ensure the facts, statistics and arguments it provides are valid). 

3. Increasing adoption of chatbots

Chatbots are also becoming more widespread across industries, including the public sector. Governments and organisations are using them to save money on call centres, particularly for non-complex queries. 

4. Emotionally-aware chatbots

Greater intelligence is also leading to emotionally-aware chatbots through use of text analytics like sentiment, tone and mood analysis. AI is powering more empathetic responses from customer service reps, offering professional services at a lower cost. 

5. Multilingual chatbots

Public services and charities like CALM  are also benefiting from the emergence of multilingual chatbots. Futr’s multilingual offering makes chatbots and live agents instantly fluent in over 120 languages. The feature is ideal for public-facing organisations and brands operating across multiple languages and geographies. 

6. Personalised chatbots

Chatbots’ ability to learn about the person talking to them creates the reality of genuine personalisation. AIs are already  learning to interact with people in their preferred language and tone of voice. For instance, removing all unnecessary jargon from a technically difficult topic, to ensure the customer can fully engage with the response generated. 

7. Chatbots that write emails

We’ve already seen the emergence of chatbots that can write emails to customers. However, this trend will likely accelerate over the coming years as the underlying technology becomes more powerful, helping to speed up workflows. 

8. Human-like conversation

Chatbots are also starting to converse in a human-like manner with use of generative AI. For instance, Bing’s AI-powered chat facility enables question-and-answer sessions to help users understand topics better. Futr allows multiple questions to be asked at once with a single answer being generated from potentially multiple data sources. This technology is hugely beneficial for detailed customer service troubleshooting sessions. 

9. Robot control

Robot control could also become a feature. Microsoft recently announced a platform to use ChatGPT to control robots and drones using natural language. The system reduces the need to code robots’ movements by hand and lets operatives give verbal instructions instead, which could be helpful for leading e-commerce retailers.

10. Faster responses

Responses are already getting  faster. AI providers are racing to develop services that can deliver answers more rapidly. OpenAI already offers ChatGPT Plus to some users, an enhanced version of the platform that generates answers in seconds. 

11. Social media outreach

Chatbots are also now answering users’ natural language questions on social media. Because of this, businesses and organisations are more readily exploring those channels for customer conversations and triage.

12. The Google Bard search revolution

Google’s Bard AI promises to provide more detailed answers to users’ questions this year, changing the search experience entirely. It operates similarly to Bing’s new search chatbot, launched in February.

13. Payment automation

Chabots will further assist in payments automation in the future. New features could help users manage banking activities and perhaps pay for goods and services more seamlessly on their behalf. 

14. Greater global accessibility

ChatGPT is already available in most countries, but may soon roll out to more territories in the Caribbean and East and North Africa. 

15. Ethics-based chatbots

Lastly, chatbots may receive ethical programming. This approach could enable them to perform judgements that allow them to determine how to conduct themselves or which information to supply. 


In summary, chatbots are in the process of changing how businesses and government organisations operate. The technology has the potential to transform operations, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. Early-movers may gain brand advantages by providing customers with faster services.

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