Conversation-as-a-Service for civil servants and citizens

Intelligent chat for Government

With current pressures on the public sector to operate within reduced budgets, while continuing to deliver a high level of service, there is a need to find new ways to reduce expenditure while increasing public access.

In production

We’ve built Conversation-as-a-Service to support your existing systems, minimise technical debt and avoid vendor lock-in. Add self-service to your stack in a few clicks, and see for yourself.

Our multi-lingual, multi-channel bots augment internal and external systems and deploy two-way conversational interfaces to provide and capture consistent information, delivering accessibility and efficiencies. Our solution also generates insight to assist with informing decisions about how to better communicate with and serve communities.

Off-the-shelf features

GDPR compliant by design
Plug n' play integrations
Recording expenses + time off
Enterprise search + summaries
Calendar and scheduling
Contact list quick-search
Surveys for customers and staff
Notifications + broadcasts
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