Empower staff.
Cut costs.

Your organisation runs on all sorts of tools, services and systems, from expenses and holidays, to calendars and room bookings and sharing reports.
Empower your staff with chat, the single, helpful, self explanatory interface for everything they need, on whatever platform they have to hand.

A conversational layer for...


Absence management
Handbook queries
Timesheet management
Anonymous whistleblowing


Sales lead management
KPI tracking
Tasks & reminders
Instant analytics

Ops & Finance

Enterprise search
Expense management
Asset management
Calendar & scheduling
Skills search


Regulatory updates
Incident reporting
Guidance search

And more…

Get more out of your existing software by integrating with your spreadsheets, emails, off the shelf SaaS products, enterprise solutions and much more.

Power your staff with an ever-present organisational assistant

Provide easy access to multiple systems through a single chat interface

Add value to your existing tech stack by centralising information from the software you already use. Break down information silos and cut down time wasted switching between applications.

Provide continuity & eliminate costly retraining

Confidently upgrade and switch out IT systems without disrupting your staffs’ workflows. No matter what’s behind the scenes, keep it simple with a single chat interface.

Cut support costs by championing self-service

Instantly deal with common requests and route more challenging ones to a human, so your support staff can focus on the most important issues.

Share organisational knowledge, on demand

Skip file and email searches by letting your staff ask for the information they need directly, whether that be aggregates of data or snippets from a document.

Get clarity on the needs of your staff

Instant usage statistics and sentiment analysis help you understand staff needs, common concerns and organisational bottlenecks.


Plus these standard features

Powered by plug-n-play integrations

Standard plug-n-play integrations including legacy systems — we’re always building more.

Always online, in any language

Service your users in whatever language they’re most comfortable, autotranslating messages and data between parties.

Configure once, deploy to all channels

16 standard channels including Facebook Messenger and Skype for Business, and room for custom integrations, plus a whitelabelled popup

    AI-generated dialogue

    Data compliance by design

    Emotion, sentiment + tonality detection

    Data interrogation and cleansing

    Broadcasts and alerts


    Full audit trail

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