We build live chat and customer service chatbots that improve the customer experience

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We know today’s customers expect organisations to be there for them around the clock. That’s why we’ve designed a live chat and chatbot platform to supercharge your customer service team. 

We’ll help you raise your customer satisfaction levels with instant responses and 24/7 availability. We’ll also save your live agents from answering time-sapping, repetitive questions, helping them focus on customers that need them most. We’ll even give them the ability to interact with customers in over 120 languages. 

Let Futr engage your customers with human-like responses on all the channels your customers use, from Facebook Messenger and Instagram to your website and phone lines. 

Hey there 👋 , I’m House your virtual assistant. How can I help you today?
Pay rent
Book a repair
Report anti-social behaviour
What is my rent balance
Ask anything
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| How do I top-up my electricity?

The Numbers

Customer Queries Served
Reduction in Queue Time
Savings due to Automated Triage
Languages Supported
Guaranteed Availability

We’re here for the hardest to reach, and the most important to satisfy:

  • Nonprofits that want to save time and improve response times for their stakeholders.
  • Brands that won’t settle until they’ve found a better way to resolve complaints efficiently and create a superior customer experience.
  • Companies that want data and survey insights to understand their customers’ pain points and improve their sales funnel.
  • Government departments striving to create a better experience for their citizens.
  • Remote workers who want to feel as connected to their organisation as their colleagues in HQ.
  • Employees who want it all — faster answers and to be inspired to go to work.

Our History:

Futr is a VC backed tech start-up with the mission of delivering superpowers to support teams everywhere.  From out of hours self-serve chatbots to making live chat agents instantly multilingual on any social or chat channel, Futr’s superpowers are transforming the way organisations serve their audiences.

Founded in 2017, our unique SaaS platform delivers cutting edge solutions to service teams across the UK, including police forces, charities, government, housing associations and enterprises. 

We’re a group of tech optimists with a passion for using disruptive tech for good to help drive efficiencies and growth, delivering radical innovation that produces lasting, institutional change. 

What we value:

Our values anchor us to our mission and guide our approach to engaging our customers and working together internally as a team.

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Belief in company and cause. Allegiance to the team. Strong relationships with each other and a commitment to transparent customer communication.

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Look for the good. Keep an open mind. Face reality and move forward. Onwards and upwards.



Champion diverse backgrounds, cultures and stories. Success depends on our collective energy, intelligence and contributions. Be seen. Be more.



Our customers trust us with their personal information. We trust each other to take risks, speak up, ask for help, and be you.


Will to win

Focused. Ambitious. Target driven. Challenge the issues that matter. Disagree, solve problems and provide consistent support to each other.

Supercharge your customer service capabilities